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Time Challenge is Back!

"Time Challenge" is back! You can compete with players worldwide on the leaderboard. Every score you earn through candy swapping is crucial, so think fast and aim for the highest score possible within the time limit!

During the challenge period, the top 30 players with the highest score in a single game will receive an additional leaderboard reward provided by the official team, with a total reward of 70,000 Candy Tokens!

  • Time Challenge start time: April 7th at 12 PM (GMT+8)

  • Leaderboard settlement time: Once a week, settled every Sunday at 23:59. (GMT+8)

  • Leaderboard reward distribution: Every Monday.

Please note that only players who have passed level 100 are eligible to participate in this competition. So, hurry up and clear level 100 to join the fun!

Are you ready to take on this challenge and compete with other skilled Crypto Blast players? Let's see who can come out on top!

🎮 Update latest version:

✅ Stay tuned to the CandyFi community for more earning games

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