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Let’s Revolutionize
the FinTech World

The launch of cryptocurrencies has revolutionized the finance world. CandyFi is taking it to the next level by incorporating FinTech element to the traditional mobile games and disrupting the norm from “pay to play” to “play to earn”.

Our Values


Have fun and earn crypto. Why not both?


While the technological aspect of cryptocurrency is still too complicated for everyday people to understand, we are making it simple and let majority of the world to enjoy the benefit of this revolution. 


We place the highest emphasis in user safety and information security. We enforce the strictest compliance system to ensure the genuine identity of every user. In addition, CandyFi do not accept and will never ask for any sort of payment from users in form of in-app purchase or any other form. When in doubt, please ask and our community team is always here to help. 

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