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1. Does CandyFi mean mining cryptocurrency with your mobile phone?

No. CandyFi provides you with gaming experience and rewards you with in-app credit Candy. You are not contributing any computing of your mobile phone to any blockchains. Playing with CandyFi will not drain your mobile phone’s battery and data significantly. 

2. Do I have to pay for CandyFi?

No, CandyFi is completely free of charges and it will always be free. CandFi does not provide any in-app purchase function and will not ask for any form of payments from you. When in doubt, please email us at

3. How can I find an invitation code, and what are the benefits of using one?

You can find your friends or join the CandyFi community to get an invitation code.

When you use a player's invitation code to join our game, and you can get a one-time 10x reward when you complete the second level.

4. What is the use of Candy?

Candy is the in-app credit, or the game score, that we reward you by your outstanding performance and active participations in our game. You can convert Candy to mainstream cryptocurrencies and USD.

5. How can I earn more Candy?

Our flagship game Crypto Blast, and any other new games to be published, have a set of rules with the amount of Candy that we will reward you for a certain level of milestone hit in the game. So just have fun with our games and try your best to excel it, there comes more Candy to your account. 

6. How can I convert Candy to cryptocurrency or fiat currency?

Please click the "Cash out" button in your application, and you will be able to follow the process to convert Candy into USD via PayPal, or choose to exchange it for mainstream cryptocurrencies, and send it to your crypto wallet.


7. How can I benefit from CandyFi? 

Have fun with our mobile game, earn your Candy for converting to cryptocurrencies and fiat currency(USD). What’s better than playing and earning at the same time?

8. Is there a withdrawal threshold? 

Convert Candy to USD via PayPal:

  • PayPal will charge a 5% transaction fee, so the minimum withdrawal threshold is 25,000,000 Candy.

Cryptocurrency Withdrawal:

  • LTC: The withdrawal threshold is 500,000 Candy, with no transaction fees.

  • DOGE: The withdrawal threshold is 5,000,000 Candy, with a transaction fee of 0.5 USD equivalent of coins.

  • BTC: The withdrawal threshold is 12,500,000 Candy, with a transaction fee of 2 USD equivalent of coins.

Please note that the transaction fees are charged by your cryptocurrency wallet and not by the game.

9. How long does it take to cash out?

Convert Candy to USD via PayPal:

The balance will appear in your PayPal account within an hour.

Convert Candy to cryptocurrencies:

The balance will appear in your crypto wallet within minutes! However, it can be up to 72 hours to arrive in some extreme cases, subject to crypto wallet’s operations.

10. How often can I cash out?

After your initial cash out, you can cash out every 7 days due to crypto wallet and Paypal limitations. We know it seems like a long time, but if you play frequently, the big cash out will be worth it!

11. How does the “referral bonuses” work?

You just use your invitation code to invite friends to join our CandyFi games. When they start to make money by playing games, you can get 20% of your referee's reward.

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