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Exciting News: Lowered Withdrawal Threshold!

Dear Players, we have heard your feedback! Three key updates implemented this time:

1 - Lowered Withdrawal Threshold

📌 LTC: Withdrawal threshold of 0.5 USD equivalent of Candy tokens, with no transaction fees.

📌 DOGE: Withdrawal threshold of 1 USD equivalent of Candy tokens, with a transaction fee of 0.5 USD equivalent.

📌 BTC: Withdrawal threshold of 2.5 USD equivalent of Candy tokens, with a transaction fee of 2 USD equivalent.

Please note that the transaction fees are charged by your cryptocurrency wallet and not by the game.

2 - Increase the Rewards for Each Game

We genuinely want every player to have a joyful gaming experience while also being able to earn money faster. Therefore, we are committed to providing more rewards to each and every player!

3 - 99 Game Lives

Game lives have been increased to 99 per day, allowing you to play Crypto Blast to your heart's content and earn more money!

Update now and experience the thrill of instant withdrawals!

🎮 Update latest version: ✅ Stay tuned to the CandyFi community for more earning games


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