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Earn Crypto for Free by Playing Games!

No longer paying for games. Earn instead. 


Entertain Yourself. Earn Money.
No Payment. Non Gambling.

Our mission is to provide an unrivaled entertainment experience that make you fun and offer you free crypto as rewards. Our games are completely free and forget about any in-app purchases or payment deposits. You will be rewarded with Candy, our in-game credits, which can be exchanged for mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, DOGE, and LTC. You also have the option to convert Candy to USD via PayPal. CandyFi is devised as a non-gambling promotion and its sole intention is for your entertainment purpose.


Our Games

Our Games
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Casual - Free

Have fun with Crypto Blast! By swapping colored pieces of candy to make a match of three or more of the same color, you can eliminate those candies, free up spaces for new candies and scores. Depending on different levels there are various goals that must be completed within a fixed number of moves. It takes both your luck and skills!

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Download, Play, & Earn.
All for Free!

What’s better than playing and earning with your mobile phone?

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Why CandyFi?

Most mobile games require you to pay. Even though for free games they would only reward you with in-app credit, points or score to help you level up, you do not real anything in real. CandyFi is a major technology breakthrough that allows you to have fun with our mobile game and take no risks in participating in the cryptocurrency world as you will earn Candy from our games and be able to convert to mainstream cryptocurrencies via exchanges, so literally you are taking no risk but enjoy the benefits of holding cryptocurrency assets. We also consider that some players want to be able to convert into cash instead of holding cryptocurrency. That's why we also provide another option, you can use Paypal to convert Candy to USD instantly! 

Ready to start your playing and earning journey with us? 

Download CandyFi Network on Apple App Store or Google Play today! 

Get 10x Reward with Player's Invitation Code

Find your friends or join the CandyFi community, use a player's invitation code to join our game, and you can get a one-time 10x reward when you complete the second level. Have fun playing games and earning money with your friends now!


They Win as You Win 20%

CandyFi encourages players to invite friends to join the team, when friends start to make money by playing games, you also can get 20% of your referee's reward.

CandyFi Platform Game

Although we will publish more games in the future, all of these games are interconnected with our platform and you will only need one CandyFi account to login and keep your progress with all of our games.


Community News

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